Friday, February 24, 2012

Proverbs 12:22 The LORD Detests Lying Lips, But He Delights In Men Who Are Truthful.

Telling the truth about our life circumstances can be difficult if we perceive we lack love because of our loneliness. Pain brings loneliness. Pain cancels out love. The pain of loneliness can be as intense as physical pain. No matter what kind of pain we experience, we must be honest. When we are honest about our pain or any of our life circumstances, we have a chance to take some kind of action on the issues we face. To speak the truth to ourselves begins to chip away at the stranglehold falsehoods put upon our heart, life, and soul. When we are honest and we surrender up to God all our problems and issues, we give Him a chance to pour His healing love into our life. We are to take action on every issue, especially the action of praying for others so others will not be negatively influenced by our pain regardless of our pain's source. To bring Christ and His healing love into our life we are to first express our love and gratitude to Him and for Him. Next, we are to find a way to send Christ's love out to others in meaningful ways.

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