Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1 Peter 1:3 In His Great Mercy He Has Given Us New Birth Into A Living Hope Through The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ From The Dead, 4 And Into An Inheritance That Can Never Perish, Spoil Or Fade--Kept In Heaven For You, 5 Who Through Faith Are Shielded By God's Power Until The Coming Of The Salvation That Is Ready To Be Revealed In The Last Time.

The power keeping you living and breathing is not your power, but God’s power. The power of God in you cannot be seen or heard. This same power of Christ, the power keeping you alive, can also give you a shield against the plague of pain upon you. For reasons we do not always know or understand, the power sustaining you does not always protect you in this life. What the power of God within you does do is give you a spirit refusing to quit until you see Jesus face to face. When others might give up when they are under attack, the power of God within you keeps you strong so you finish the race. The power of God giving us sustenance gives us the ability to commune with God on the deepest possible level. This same power of God gives us the ability to absorb the love God infused in all of His creation. When Satan attacks you, the love of God keeps you positively going in positive directions. Satan’s purpose is to destroy you by making your heart cold so the love of God does not exist within you. With Christ, you can resist. With Christ, you can always come back against every adversity to do God's will.

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