Friday, December 30, 2011

Romans 12:12 Be Joyful In Hope, Patient In Affliction, Faithful In Prayer.

The words of the scripture inspire us and give us power to move forward. Most of the words of the scripture are easy to read and easy to think about. Our problem is the words of the scripture are not always easy to do. When we are in pain, we find being joyful in hope difficult because our pain cancels out of our joy. Our afflictions make us impatient because we want our afflictions to be gone yesterday. Our afflictions make praying difficult. Then what are we to do? What we are to do is keep traveling our path, no matter how rough and difficult our path may be. We must affirm over and over again our hope is in Christ who delivers to us a perfect eternal life after this life is over. We must affirm over and over again every dream we could ever dream in Christ will be realized either in this life or most certainly in our eternal life to come. In our afflictions we must use the force of our will and the power of God to be patient as we wait upon Him to do His mighty work within us. We must always keep in mind, our God reigns and He does deliver for us in His time, place, and will. We must be faithful in prayer, even if we must pray in pain. When we pray in pain, when we pray at times when we seem to have no connection to God, He still hears us. In our pain, God hears us just as He hears us when we are not in pain. When we struggle to pray, God opens a special door of His heart to hear us all the more.

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