Friday, December 16, 2011

1 Samuel 12:22 For The Sake Of His Great Name The Lord Will Not Reject His People, Because The Lord Was Pleased To Make You His Own.

Let's be honest. Let's tell the truth. Sometimes we don't feel like we are His own. Sometimes we feel rejected. We feel put upon. We feel like aliens in a foreign land. Our pain and trials can destroy us if we let them. Yet, no matter how we feel, the truth is God loves us. In our pain, God is still with us. We do not always know why God does not make the pain go away. We do not know why Satan is allowed to exist. We do know there will come a time when all things are made right. There will come a time when Satan will be banned to the innermost parts of hell never to be let out again. When the final event of our life occurs, we shall see Jesus. We shall not just see Him, but we shall rejoice with Him in His presence. We shall not suffer pain any more. Our broken hearts shall be mended. Our lives will be made totally new. Our battles every moment shall be no more. We shall have victory because we believed in Christ and we hung on and hung in until the very end. Praise His Name, Amen.

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