Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Proverbs 18:10 The Name Of The Lord Is A Strong Tower; The Righteous Run To It And Are Safe.

When we are in pain, we are weak. When we are in pain, the pain takes away our strength. In our weakness caused by our pain, we need a place to find strength. The greatest source of strength in the universe is the Creator of the universe. Our Savior, Christ Jesus, is the ultimate power. In Christ we can find all strength, all endurance, all compassion, all caring, and all love. Ultimately, Christ will make us a being of power…a being never to be afflicted with any kind of pain or weakness. We might find the thought of never being afflicted with any kind of pain or weakness to be unfathomable. However, our God can do what we cannot even begin to fathom. In the nothing of the beginning of creation, God created all that is. Surely, if God can create all that is from absolutely nothing, God can make a way so you will never be afflicted with any kind of pain or weakness…and He will.

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