Sunday, December 18, 2011

2 Cor. 1:10 He Has Delivered Us From Such A Deadly Peril, And He Will Deliver Us. On Him We Have Set Our Hope That He Will Continue To Deliver Us,

If you are living in pain, your best medicine is hope for a better time in the future. When we lose hope, we lose our life. Hope is the fuel of life. We may not face a deadly peril on earth each moment, but we do face a deadly peril at some point in our life. At some point our life will end when the deadly peril becomes reality. We can say Christ has delivered us from a deadly peril because we have eternal life. We can hope for an eternal life and our hope will be rewarded. Our hope for a better day with less pain on earth will be realized when we ascend to heaven's shore. Although we may have pain here on earth, Christ loves us and He will give us all we could ever dream of having in heaven, then some.

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