Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Isaiah 12:2 Surely God Is My Salvation; I Will Trust And Not Be Afraid.

Being in so much pain, how can we trust? Being in so much pain, how can we not be afraid? On a purely human level, without an all powerful God, we are doomed. However, we need not be doomed. With Christ, we have eternity where there is no doom. Because we have Christ, with His eternity soon to become our eternity, we can trust and feel no fear. Even when we face the worst of the worst in this life, we know in just a little while we will possess the best of the best in Christ's love and power in heaven above. When we do not have a cure for our pain or condition here on earth, Christ is with us in the here and now to help us until we have His cure in heaven. Our fear is human but Christ gives us His power so we will not be afraid.

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