Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Isaiah 12:2 The Lord, The Lord, Is My Strength And My Song; He Has Become My Salvation."

In pain, we need a savior. When we are in pain we want a savior in the here and now to stop the pain. Pain makes us secular. Pain blinds us to any kind of tomorrow because we do not want a pain-filled tomorrow any more than we want a pain-filled today. What is the answer? We do not have a secular answer about finding an earthly savior. Even if we could find an earthly savior, the earthly savior would still be a human being. Sooner or later, our earthly savior would end up dying. Our pain demands more. Our pain demands we find not a secular savior like drugs or alcohol. Our pain making demands upon us must cause us to look outside our earth to heaven. Our salvation for our soul is Christ. The way our pain stops is in the hands of Christ when we see Him in heaven. When we think about Christ seeing us in heaven we are strengthened. We are able to sing a new song here on earth, even if sung in a feeble voice, we have a new song in our heart.

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