Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Psalm 9:10 Those Who Know Your Name Will Trust In You, For You, Lord, Have Never Forsaken Those Who Seek You.

When we live in pain, we live alone. No matter how many people are around us, we are still alone because the pain cuts us off from others in our surroundings. Pain cuts us off from so much of the beauty of life. Yet, we must continue to seek the Lord. As long as we keep seeking Him, He will find us and be with us. He will not forsake us…ever! The truth is…we are not alone. We have never been alone because He has always been with us. When our eyes get blurry from our pain, the Lord is still with us to help us find our way. When we can no longer concentrate, the Lord lives in our mind to keep us focused. When the pain makes us not care anymore, He keeps our sense of humor alive. Most of all, the Lord is with us through the thick and thin. He is with us in our anger, hurt, pain, and frustration. He is with us because He loves us in ways we cannot fathom or easily understand.

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