Sunday, December 4, 2011

Psalm 73:28 But As For Me, It Is Good To Be Near God. I Have Made The Sovereign Lord My Refuge; I Will Tell Of All Your Deeds.

When we are in pain, we need a refuge. When we are in pain, we need a place or someone who will shelter us and protect us. Christ is our shelter. Christ is our great Healer. The more we try to be near Christ, the closer Christ will be near us. Our pain drives us away from Christ. In the face of our pain, we must draw upon His power in our heart, life, and soul. In the battle we wage each day, we must at the very least, go to Him and tell Him we want to be near Him but we are being driven away. This single act of humility before Him, this single act of telling Him we want to be near Him while we are under attack, brings us close to Him and brings Him close to us.

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