Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hebrews 6:19 We Have This Hope As An Anchor For The Soul, Firm And Secure. It Enters The Inner Sanctuary Behind The Curtain, 20 Where Jesus, Who Went Before Us, Has Entered On Our Behalf. He Has Become A High Priest Forever, In The Order Of Melchizedek.

In pain, we are subjected to every kind of darkness. In pain, our soul can be adrift. In pain, we can drift away from the Lord because we believe we have no hope. In pain we can drift away because pain is a great separator…separating us from God. Even when we are adrift, we have Jesus, who is not far off. We have Jesus in whom we can trust. We have Jesus to anchor our soul. Yes, we may drift away from Him but not far away. Jesus will not let us drift so far away we lose Him if we go to Him with our pleas and petitions. In our pain, we must kneel at the foot of His cross begging and pleading for His forgiving love to be poured over us. Pain can make us say, think, and do what we know is wrong. Yet, Christ is merciful to us. As our heart breaks from our drifting away, He will dry our tears and show us we shall live with Him in eternity. Praise His Name for rescuing us night and day.

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