Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lament. 3:25 The Lord Is Good To Those Whose Hope Is In Him, To The One Who Seeks Him;

In pain, we hope for an end to the pain. Those who are not living in pain or who do not know about what living in pain is like, will likely misunderstand about the need for hope. When we hope for a better day and time, let us put our hope in Christ. Certainly, we may need relief in the here and now. We also must put our heart and mind to work to understand our real need for relief is not so much relief in this life from the pains and trials we bear now. Our real need for real relief is from our destiny of eternal torment if we have not accepted Christ as Savior and Lord. When we put our heart and mind to work to see Jesus in the present time, we will find Him. We may find Him in ways we may not suspect, in places we did not know much about, and in times we were not aware. Conversely, when we think we cannot go on, not even for one more day, we must look upon His suffering on the cross for us. When we kneel before Him in His hour of greatest need and torment for us on the cross, our pain and issues of the moment seem a great deal less.

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