Monday, December 19, 2011

Hebrews 13:6 So We Say With Confidence, "The Lord Is My Helper; I Will Not Be Afraid. What Can Man Do To Me?"

Fear, anger, love, and pain are the four basic human emotions. Enough pain suffered long enough brings fear of more pain. Pain suffered over years can create post-traumatic stress disorder. In pain, or in fear, or in anger, we need help. Perhaps we might never admit we need help. However, to admit we need help gives us a strategic advantage in gaining victory over the obstacles pain puts in our path. Each of us has a heavenly helper. Our heavenly helper is our Lord Jesus Christ. Of all the helping people in the world, Jesus is our best. Jesus will be with us forever. He will not desert us in our hour of need. He will not turn away from us when we make a mistake. He will comfort us in our pain. We need never fear what Jesus will do. In Jesus, we are secure forever. In Jesus, we have a person who will be with us forever.

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