Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Psalm 84:10 Better Is One Day In Your Courts Than A Thousand Elsewhere; I Would Rather Be A Doorkeeper In The House Of My God Than Dwell In The Tents Of The Wicked.

Even when we are in pain, we are still to be humble in righteousness. When we are humble in righteousness, good things will be added to our life…even in our pain. Our humility cancels out any thought or behavior taking us away from God. When we come close to God then He will minister to us, He will bless us, and heal us of our infirmities. In this life, we will have trouble and pain. However, when we are humble in righteousness, the Lord gives us a form of insulation to keep the pain from destroying us. Living in humility, gives us a power…not the power to overcome a person, but the power to overcome our pain, even if for just a few moments. Ironically, a day in the heavenly realms might be a thousand or ten thousand days on earth, yet we will know not about days, weeks, months, or years when we are with Him. Even now, when we are fully immersed in His love and grace, time can seem to be no more.

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