Thursday, December 8, 2011

Isaiah 30:18 Yet The Lord Longs To Be Gracious To You; He Rises To Show You Compassion. For The Lord Is A God Of Justice. Blessed Are All Who Wait For Him!

We want our pain to stop. In pain, we can look around and see multitudes of people who are not suffering. Seeing others who are not suffering, we can feel like we are outcasts. We can feel like we are victims. We can feel like life has done us an injustice. We serve a God of compassion. God knows our plight. He knows how much we suffer. He knows how much of a price we have paid for being in suffering all of our days. If we open our heart to Him, He will then show us the magnitude of His love. Our Lord will not let us hurt or be hurt without giving us compensation when we are with Him in heaven. In heaven, things not only even out, all the good things that ever were or ever could be become reality forever. What we must do is wait for the Lord. Yes, waiting can be difficult, sometimes seemingly impossible. However, we shall not have to wait very long for the Lord sees us and He shall rescue us in an instant.

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