Friday, October 7, 2011

Romans 4:5 However, To The Man Who Does Not Work But Trusts God Who Justifies The Wicked, His Faith Is Credited As Righteousness.

This verse can be misused and misconstrued. This verse IS misused and misconstrued. The verse would appear to say we do not have to work and all we need is faith. However, the truth of the whole gospel record clearly demonstrates sloth to be a "deadly" sin. In our pain, we are tempted to not exert full effort. In our pain, we are tempted to let our faith slide and let our faith slide backwards. Even in our pain, we must exert maximum effort without any concern whatsoever about what we get back from God in exchange for our faithfulness. Our faith is credited as righteousness, but in our faith we would never slack off. In our faith, even in pain, we must be relentless and push ahead at all times.

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