Sunday, October 2, 2011

Isaiah 42:21 It Pleased The Lord For The Sake Of His Righteousness To Make His Law Great And Glorious.

In pain, in a world of chaos, we are hard pressed to find anything great and glorious in the world. In pain, what would be great and glorious is to find a form of final, total relief from our pain. Although we may find limited relief for our pain while we are alive in the here and now, we will indeed find our final, total relief when we see Christ in heaven. The law of God has within the law the greatness and grandeur of God. The law of God gives us the keys to eternal bliss in Heaven. The law of God details for us how we are to maneuver over and around the satanic obstacles and mine fields ahead of us. Most of all, the law of God is designed and presented to us to help us live a righteous life.

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