Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Isaiah 51:9 Awake, Awake! Clothe Yourself With Strength, O Arm Of The Lord; Awake, As In Days Gone By, As In Generations Of Old.

In our pain, we can sometimes think God is sleeping. God is not sleeping. God is always awake, always watching over us, always directing His angels to help us within His will for our life. As much as we can proclaim we know the will of God, we do not completely know His total will for us. So, not knowing, we stumble and fall, we turn in directions we should not, and we end up questioning God's purposes for us. However, no matter how many mistakes we make, or how much pain we must endure, we can all stand in the certainty we are loved by God. We can all be absolutely certain God has loved us in days gone by, in the present hour, and in His fantastic eternity yet to unfold. Although we may be weak in the moment, we are empowered for all the tomorrows yet to be because He loves us so.

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