Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jude 1:24 To Him Who Is Able To Keep You From Falling And To Present You Before His Glorious Presence Without Fault And With Great Joy--

Let us tell the truth. In our worldly pain we have fallen, we cannot get up, and we often lack the hope we will ever walk again. However, our worldly observations, even our worldly truth leaves us sorely lacking. What we find in the scripture in general and in the above verse in particular is the reassurance we will stand in the glorious presence of God. Through Christ and our repentance, we will stand before God without any fault. On the day of our appearing before Him, we will be without any fault whatsoever. Before Christ in Heaven, we will have an eternity of great joy. In the pain of our existence on earth, we are robbed of our joy, but we shall be in joy eternal when we see Jesus face to face.

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