Friday, October 14, 2011

Luke 18:8 I Tell You, He Will See That They Get Justice, And Quickly. However, When The Son Of Man Comes, Will He Find Faith On The Earth?"

We want a makeup. We want God to make up for all the pain we suffer. The greatest injustice is suffering put upon those who do not deserve the suffering. There are those people who suffer who will never see any justice in this life. Many times, the unfaithful and even the faithful look upon suffering and abandon the faith because justice has not come and will not come in this life. At the end, Jesus will not find faith or faithfulness on the earth. Jesus will not find faithfulness because so many people demand a payoff or compensation for their suffering. We must learn to live in spite of our suffering. We must understand Satan is the author of pain and death. We must learn we can spit in the eye of Satan in the injustice of pain by praying, loving, forgiving, and putting Christ first in faith…then Jesus will find faith on earth.

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