Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hebrews 7:25 Therefore He Is Able To Save Completely Those Who Come To God Through Him, Because He Always Lives To Intercede For Them.

What we cannot do on our own, Christ will do with us, or for us. For all the moments of pain we want erased, Christ will erase. For all those people we want to live in eternity in Christ's heaven, somehow, some way, Christ will bring them to Himself in heaven if they are willing. In our ego, we want to be the one who determines a person's fate. However, we are not the great intercessor. Christ is the great intercessor. Our pain makes us forget who we serve. Our pain makes us want to serve ourselves rather than the Lord. In our efforts to intercede for others, we must pray for them trusting the Lord hears our prayers. Our pain often makes us want to arrange and organize our world, when instead, we must trust the Lord to take His actions in His wisdom and grace, according to His sweet will.

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