Saturday, October 8, 2011

Psalm 138:3 When I Called, You Answered Me; You Made Me Bold And Stouthearted.

We don't feel so bold in our pain. We don't feel so stouthearted when our pain eats away at the very core of who we are. Those very times when we are not bold or stouthearted are the very times we must call upon the Lord. When we call upon the Lord then He will answer us in our need. The Lord will give us strength every hour if we are willing to accept His power in our life. We can meet our adversities head on, without hesitation. We are able to ascend from the depths of our despair because our precious Lord Jesus always reaches down to pull us up. We shall always be able to find our courage when are afraid because Christ is with us, supplying all we need as we seek to do His will.

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