Monday, October 10, 2011

2 Cor. 1:10 He Has Delivered Us From Such A Deadly Peril, And He Will Deliver Us. On Him We Have Set Our Hope That He Will Continue To Deliver Us,

We face many afflictions. We face pain in the here and now. There will come a time when we face the last peril, death itself. However, we must not be deterred or ever think we will be defeated. We must know full well we have the victory in Christ forever. Christ is our deliverer. From the very jaws of death we shall be pulled up, and up, and up to heaven. In the face of death, Christ will bring us life eternal. Christ has been with us in the past. He will continue to be with us in the future. We may feel we are orphans left alone in the world. However, we are not alone, for Christ is with us to guide us and take us to be where He lives.

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