Monday, October 17, 2011

Genesis 28:15 I Am With You And Will Watch Over You Wherever You Go, And I Will Bring You Back To This Land. I Will Not Leave You Until I Have Done What I Have Promised You."

When we think we are lost, we have a guide who will take us to be where He is. When we are sad, we have a comforter to be with us. When we do not know where we are going, we have a Savior who points us to His path leading to His home in eternal life. When we have lost all hope, we have Christ who is the source of all hope…Christ who lives within us every moment of our life. When we are in pain, we have a great healer to assuage our every hurt. We have a promised land flowing with milk and honey…a place called heaven where nothing shall ever rust or fade. We have a promised land full of the light and life of God almighty. We have a place where we shall find healing for all time.

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