Monday, October 3, 2011

Romans 8:33 Who Will Bring Any Charge Against Those Whom God Has Chosen? It Is God Who Justifies.

The world can bring charges against those whom God has chosen. Satan and satanic evil in the world can and do persecute those whom God has chosen. However, in the heavens and in our heavenly home, there are no charges and no persecutions against those of us who have called Jesus our Lord. In our pain we must remember we have a Great Defender who will, in the span of eternity, tower over us, protect us, and immerse us in His love and grace. God brings all evil to an end. God rewards us for our perseverance in our trials and in our defeats. We are appalled by the injustices of this life. We are appalled by the inhumanity of human beings against one another. The injustices of this life are smoothed out and made as if the injustices never were by God Almighty.

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