Friday, October 21, 2011

Rev. 1:18 I Am The Living One; I Was Dead, And Behold I Am Alive For Ever And Ever! And I Hold The Keys Of Death And Hades.

We think we see the end of our life. We may even think we see the end of all things. However, in our pain our vision of things to come can and often is, quite blurred. The great divide in our reality is the divide between life and death. In all cultures, in all places, in all times, we rightly grieve over those who have died. We grieve over those who have died because we cannot see across the great divide with 20-20 vision. However, each of us has a spiritual eye. We have a spiritual eye permitting us to see what is unseen on earth. The very core of our faith is a vision of Jesus waiting on the other shore of the great divide. We have eye witness accounts of Jesus walking the earth after He rose from the dead. Although our vision may be blurred as to the reality of what is on the other side, we can be sure Jesus is there, patiently waiting for us to join Him on our day of rejoicing.

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