Wednesday, June 1, 2011

John 10:10 The Thief Cometh Not, But For To Steal, And To Kill, And To Destroy: I Am Come That They Might Have Life, And That They Might Have It More Abundantly.

The pain we suffer does not come from God. The pain we suffer comes from Satan. Satan comes and puts pain upon us to steal our life and eventually kill us. Christ came into the world so we could not only be pain free, but Christ came into the world so we could also be alive and pain free forever. All human beings face the task of dealing with pain on some level. When we face pain head on, we must remember who our foe is and who our friend is. Satan is our foe. Christ is our friend. Christ does not want us to have "some" life. Christ wants us to have an eternal life overflowing with joy, peace, love, and fun forever. If we keep the picture of what Christ wants us to have for eternity, our picture of our eternity helps us stand up to every attack of the pain. When our pain overwhelms us and we think we cannot go on, Christ is standing next to us calling out to us to walk His path leading to His wonderful eternal home prepared just for us.

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