Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hebrews 11:16 Instead, They Were Longing For A Better Country--A Heavenly One. Therefore God Is Not Ashamed To Be Called Their God, For He Has Prepared A City For Them.

In your pain, how you carry your life determines the pride God feels for you. If you let your pain determine how you live, how you behave, and determine your faith in God, you are at a substantial disadvantage with God. Although your pain tries to rule over you (and let's be honest, sometimes our pain does rule over us) we must continually battle against what the power of pain or the power of darkness tries to do to us. For if we live a holy, godly, righteous life, in spite of our pain, God has already prepared a city for us…a city beyond our wildest dreams. We can look forward and looking forward we can see beyond our pain. Because we can see beyond our pain we have unbounded hope. In living with unbounded hope, God pours His infinite power over us…even in our pain.

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