Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hebrews 13:14 For Here We Do Not Have An Enduring City, But We Are Looking For The City That Is To Come.

Our reality is tinged with death, suffering, and pain. In our plane of existence upon the earth, the dark powers are aligned against us. Yet in the deathly prison of our life we have a hope beyond hope. In our pain-filled reality things break down, rot and decay. Nothing endures in our reality without mankind making enormous effort at maintenance. Even making enormous efforts at maintenance, over the eons of time, nothing endures forever in man-made forms. However, we must not be fooled. Although we may live in pain, we have an enduring city…a city lasting into time eternal. Our city of the future, our city of hope eternal, is a place of no pain. In our enduring city of the future, the beams of God's love and grace shine forever. Our joy lasts forever in our enduring city standing in our Lord's mighty power keeping all pain, suffering, and heartbreak away for all time.

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