Thursday, June 16, 2011

1 John 2:6 Whoever Claims To Live In Him Must Walk As Jesus Did.

Those of us who live in pain must do two things. First, we must be honest about our pain. Second, we must walk as Jesus did. For many of us, these two things present to us seemingly insurmountable challenges. We must be honest about what our pain does to us. In spite of our pain, we must live a holy, godly, righteous life. For some of us, we are barely able to walk. However, Jesus knows our every trial. He knows our every temptation. If we are honest with Him then He will be with us. The Lord will give us power to do His will even when we do not want to do His will. The Lord will give us power to overcome temptation when Satan wants us to turn away from doing Christ's will. When we are hurting too much to feel the love of God, God will come to us, be with us, and turn our hearts to Him so we live our life as His children.

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