Thursday, June 2, 2011

Romans 5:17 For If, By The Trespass Of The One Man, Death Reigned Through That One Man, How Much More Will Those Who Receive God's Abundant Provision Of Grace And Of The Gift Of Righteousness Reign In Life Through The One Man, Jesus Christ.

When we are in pain, we do not think much about reigning in life. The words "provision of grace" and "gift of righteousness" can ring hollow to those of us who hurt. Our pain drives out our ability to elevate theological ideas above our pain. Only those of us in pain can truly understand how debilitating pain can become. However, God's power within us can give us the ability to affirm Christ's love for us. We can affirm Christ is the Lord who died to give us eternal life. In spite of our pain, we can repent and be baptized in the power and spirit of the living God. When we sail into heaven we shall know fully and completely the infinite grace of Christ. When we sail into heaven we shall be able to receive the infinite love as a result of Christ's gift of righteousness. Our pain may take us down now. Our Lord Jesus will lift us up in the morning in ways we cannot begin to imagine.

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