Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Romans 7:18 I Know That Nothing Good Lives In Me, That Is, In My Sinful Nature. For I Have The Desire To Do What Is Good, But I Cannot Carry It Out.

Our pain comes from the same source as does our sinful nature. Our pain comes from Satan. The same Satan who caused Adam and Eve to fall from the Garden of Eden…the same Satan who caused Adam and Eve to feel pain when they lost the Garden of Eden. Our pain is a sign we are not perfect creatures. We want relief from our pain, but we often cannot find relief. Having sin in us does not relieve us of our accountability before God. Having pain in us does not give us a power to relieve us of being a person embedded in sin. We might think our being in pain should give us some extra privilege to make our pain go away. However, Satan puts our pain on us and Satan will try to use our pain against us to make us turn away from God. How many times have you seen others who are in pain curse God? How many times have you cursed God when you are in pain? Our ultimate challenge in our life of pain is be holy, godly, devout, and to love God each moment even in our pain. Our ultimate challenge is winnable by us because God gives us the power to be His winning children…even in our pain.

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