Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Romans 6:23 For The Wages Of Sin Is Death, But The Gift Of God Is Eternal Life In Christ Jesus Our Lord.

The phrase "we're all gonna die" sounds like a trite phrase from a B-grade horror movie. However, none of us will survive our ride on planet earth, or at least we will not survive in our physical body. For some of us, we see death as our ultimate pain reliever. For those of us who do not fear death but who will welcome a new eternal life of eternal love and peace, death has little sting. Unfortunately, some of us will not see an eternal life full of love and peace. Some of us will see an eternal life of outer darkness. Looking at an eternity of total darkness with no contact with anything or anyone is a horrifying thought. No wonder so many who have not accepted Christ are afraid to die! In these matters, we must not believe living in pain gives us an excuse to not fully follow Christ. We have no excuse to go our way rather than His way.

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