Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hebrews 10:37 For In Just A Very Little While, "He Who Is Coming Will Come And Will Not Delay."

The words "in just a little while" can be troublesome. These words were spoken two thousand years ago. In the heart and soul of the person with pain, on the surface, these words can seem fake and even false. So where is He? We must realize the realm of God and Christ does not work like our realm. We must realize the other reality of God and Christ is a timeless reality. When we see Jesus, and He has erased all our pain, "a little while" will be nothing. For us today, we must remember the love of Christ in us this moment literally makes the time fly. Christ will return for us if we are left upon the Earth or we will see His return from above. We must not lose heart. Instead of losing heart, we must keep our hope alive by seeing the reality of Christ within our heart each moment. Jesus will not just come again. Jesus will bring with Him a grand fun house of eternal joy and happiness totally devoid of pain.

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