Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Galatians 2:20 I Have Been Crucified With Christ And I No Longer Live, But Christ Lives In Me. The Life I Live In The Body, I Live By Faith In The Son Of God, Who Loved Me And Gave Himself For Me.

When the life you live in the body is full of pain you live a diminished life. When your life is diminished by pain, by sin, by mistakes, or by natural events like disasters your faith is under attack. When the pain comes, you want to live more by sight rather than living by faith. When the pain comes, you want tangible relief. However, you must hang on and never relent for one moment. Living life in the body does not bring the kind of power and relief we want and need. Our body suffers. However, our soul or spirit can remain untouched by our pain if we hold fast to Christ. Christ brings us spiritual power. Our spiritual power can bring us insulation from the pain we feel. We may never find the total relief we need on earth. However, we keep believing and trusting in Christ each day because we know He will bring us total relief and total healing when we cross over from our life on earth to our life in heaven.

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