Thursday, June 9, 2011

Acts 1:11 "Men Of Galilee," They Said, "Why Do You Stand Here Looking Into The Sky? This Same Jesus, Who Has Been Taken From You Into Heaven, Will Come Back In The Same Way You Have Seen Him Go Into Heaven."

What if you where there gazing into the sky? What if you had seen Jesus disappear into the blue sky by sailing upward out of sight? I do not know about you, but for me, my heart would be breaking once again. My heart would have broken at the foot of His cross. My heart would have broken in joy at His empty tomb. My heart would have broken in joy when He appeared after His resurrection. My heart would have broken anew in grief when He disappeared into the sky a last time. Yet my heart would have been filled with hope He was coming again to take me home to be with Him in eternity. My heart would have been lifted up at the appearance of one of His angels.

We will see Him again. We must never ever forget. We will see Him again in His glorious splendor. No matter how much trouble we must face here on earth…no matter how much pain we endure from one day to the next…our pain-free eternal days will consume us as we meet Him. Praise God we have such hope.

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