Saturday, June 25, 2011

Col. 2:9 For In Christ All The Fullness Of The Deity Lives In Bodily Form, 10 And You Have Been Given Fullness In Christ, Who Is The Head Over Every Power And Authority.

Every word of the gospel is absolutely true. However, right now I do not feel full of much of anything except the pain and depression. If you have been a reader of this blog and you share in the pain of life, you know what I mean. Yet, every word is absolutely true. I really do have the fullness of Christ in me, within me, above me, under me, and all around me. Although I do not feel His fullness at the moment, I do sense it. Tomorrow when the pain eases, I will have a greater sense of His fullness in love. Sometimes I have these "WOW" moments with Him and so can you. I have these moments when I am quite awestruck as I know how much He loves me…when the pain makes no difference. Praise be to God every person on earth can have a "WOW" kind of moment. Someday, some of us will have a "WOW" eternity.

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