Saturday, June 18, 2011

Romans 8:10 But If Christ Is In You, Your Body Is Dead Because Of Sin, Yet Your Spirit Is Alive Because Of Righteousness.

We all know our body is slowly wasting away past a certain age. Our dead bodies have no hope to live forever. Most of us do not really want our body to live forever. Imagine the burden of living into an age where you would be two or three centuries old! Our pain can make us well aware our life on earth is limited. As the verse notes above, our body is already dead because of our sin. In our body, we have no hope. However, in our spirit, in our renewed and reborn spirit, we look forward to a pain-free eternity. We can look forward to endless times of joy with no hint of pain, no hint of discomfort, and disease. We can look forward to perfect days forever. We maintain our eternal hope because of righteousness. We maintain our eternal hope by living, think, doing, and worshipping Christ in righteousness.

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