Monday, June 6, 2011

James 5:7 Be Patient, Then, Brothers, Until The Lord's Coming. See How The Farmer Waits For The Land To Yield Its Valuable Crop And How Patient He Is For The Autumn And Spring Rains. 8 You Too, Be Patient And Stand Firm, Because The Lord's Coming Is Near.

Those of us who are in pain are not patient people. We want our relief. We do not want our relief yesterday. We definitely do not want our relief tomorrow. We impatiently want our relief now. However, no matter how impatient we may be, we must wait. We must wait knowing there will come a time when we will not be in pain any more. Not only must we wait, we must be strong in our time of waiting. Knowing we will have a day of no more pain can make all the difference. We can look forward to the Lord's appearing on planet Earth or look forward to our seeing Him in heaven. Christ will give us strength in our time of waiting. He has not left us as orphans. While we are waiting we must pray. We must pray for others rather than for ourselves. We must put others first because the Lord knows our needs before we could ever pray about our needs. We can wait because the Lord loves us. We can wait if we put the Lord's mission before all our other plans and designs.

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