Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Romans 13:10 Love Does No Harm To Its Neighbor. Therefore Love Is The Fulfillment Of The Law.

We wage war. Our waging war causes pain and suffering. We even know waging war causes pain and suffering. Even in our personal pain, we wage war against those around us without shame or guilt. Waging war must stop or there will come a time when human beings will no longer inhabit the earth. Waging war against those around us must stop. Waging war is not love. Waging war on every level comes into being because satanic evil is upon the earth. We stop war on every level through love. We stop war in our personal lives by replacing our anger, hate, and frustration with love. To activate love in our life we must pray continually and without ceasing. We must pray for the Lord Jesus to come into our heart and life. We must repent of our every sin. We must cast every part of our being at the foot Christ's cross. Then the really hard work begins. The really hard work begins when we live out the gospel minute by minute.

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