Monday, September 19, 2011

Psalm 119:165 Great Peace Have They Who Love Your Law, And Nothing Can Make Them Stumble.

Pain can make you doubt. Pain can even make you totally disbelieve in God or in God’s power. So what are we to do when we do not believe because of our pain or because of our afflictions? What we are to do is to use our mind to see the beautiful logic of our God. God’s logic transcends human logic. When we love God and His words, our love for Him and His wisdom really and truly does bring us peace. When we use the logic and wisdom of God, we are prevented from making the kinds of killing mistakes so many people too often make. When we do not love the law of God, we do not have His peace in our heart and mind. When we do not love the logic, wisdom, and power of God’s wisdom, we will not have peace in our heart.

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