Tuesday, September 27, 2011

1 Peter 1:4 And Into An Inheritance That Can Never Perish, Spoil Or Fade--Kept In Heaven For You,

On earth, we must have shelter. On earth, we must protect ourselves and our belongings. On earth, what we own is very temporary, for on earth, things perish, spoil, or fade. However, we are not on earth for very long. In our home in heaven, our Lord Jesus keeps for us our heavenly treasures. In heaven, we have no fear of losing persons or belongings. In heaven, our Lord has kept for us the very best of His blessings and His treasures. Someday, we shall inherit all of what Christ has prepared for us. We shall inherit His wonders, His blessings, and His love in full measure. Let us prepare our heart, mind, and soul this moment for the glory that is to come.

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