Tuesday, September 20, 2011

1 John 3:23 And This Is His Command: To Believe In The Name Of His Son, Jesus Christ, And To Love One Another As He Commanded Us.

There are two commands here. One command is to believe in Christ including believing in the power of Christ to do all things inasmuch as all things are possible with God. The second command is to love one another. We are to accept Christ died for us. We are to love others in full and unconditional ways. None of this is easy if you are in pain. When you are in pain, you are looking for relief of some kind from someone. If the pain is bad enough, you don't care who the pain relieving person is, just so you get your relief. When we are in pain, we can end up believing and thinking in ways just opposite of what Christ wants from us and for us. When we are in pain we must be aware of what the pain is doing against us and we must push against the pain pushing against us. The best way we can push against the pain pushing against us is to look up to God. In God, we find the power to do and be who God wants us to be. In God, we find the power to push against pain and afflictions of every kind. In God, we find we have hope beyond all hope for a life in eternity where infinite peace and infinite love abound.

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