Thursday, September 15, 2011

John 14:21 Whoever Has My Commands And Obeys Them, He Is The One Who Loves Me. He Who Loves Me Will Be Loved By My Father, And I Too Will Love Him And Show Myself To Him."

Real love for Christ is often hard to find. We want to go our own way, not Christ's way. We want to go our own way for many reasons. We want to go our own way because our pain breaks us down. Our pain makes us do what we know we should not do. Our pain makes us disobedient to Christ's will for us. However, if we are obedient and keep Christ's commands we will see Him. In our pain, we must be both patient and obedient. We must be patient and obedient for Christ has entrusted us with the sacred trust of His love and the trust of His promise. We might be swallowed up in the darkness and pain of the world against our will for a time. However, if we keep Christ's commands and we obey Him, we shall see Him as He is…a being of incredible light, a being of beauty we are not worthy to behold, a being with us now and forever giving us His love and grace.

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