Monday, September 26, 2011

Hebrews 10:37 For In Just A Very Little While, "He Who Is Coming Will Come And Will Not Delay."

What you may be thinking is, "Why hasn't Christ come back already? How long do we have to wait?" These are legitimate questions. In our pain we grow impatient. We want results now, not next week or next year. We must try and look at this verse from the perspective of God. God has no clock or watch. God does not work on our time schedule. What we must remember when we read this verse in our pain is how we are to stay patient and stay full of hope. We must remember we will see Christ when He comes to earth again or we will see Him face to face when we go to heaven. The end result of our faith is always seeing Christ in heaven. Whether it takes Christ two more days or two million years to come to the earth once again, we will not care when we see Him in heaven. We will not be in pain any more. We will be full of joy to overflowing. These wonderful things will happen for us because Christ loves us beyond our ability to know.

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