Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hebrews 13:14 For Here We Do Not Have An Enduring City, But We Are Looking For The City That Is To Come.

All things in this life in this reality either change or seem to disappear. Copper ore from a copper mine changes so much from the time the ore comes out of the mine or ground, one would think the original ore had completely disappeared. On the earth, we do not have what truly endures but we have hope. Some of us have more than hope in our heart for we have a faith so strong we can see a city on a hill…a city lasting forever. Our city on a hill is our home in the future. In our world where things change almost daily, we have what is totally and forever permanent. Our city on a hill has a special place prepared for us by Jesus Himself. In our city on a hill we shall not feel pain, sadness, grief, or mourning. We shall be free. Once and for all, we shall be free forever.

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