Friday, September 2, 2011

Isaiah 26:20 Come, My People, Enter Thou Into Thy Chambers, And Shut Thy Doors About Thee: Hide Thyself As It Were For A Little Moment, Until The Indignation Be Overpast. 21 For, Behold, The Lord Cometh Out Of His Place To Punish The Inhabitants Of The Earth For Their Iniquity: The Earth Also Shall Disclose Her Blood, And Shall No More Cover Her Slain.

As much as we might want, our pain and suffering are no excuse for unrighteousness. We will not be excused from standing before God. Our pain and suffering do not give us a pass from giving God an account of our life. We have no excuse for our sin and degradation. We will all be called to account before God for our behavior. At this hour, God is not happy about the behavior of people upon the earth. When God is not happy, there are consequences. God will "punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain."

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