Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hebrews 11:25 He Chose To Be Mistreated Along With The People Of God Rather Than To Enjoy The Pleasures Of Sin For A Short Time. 26 He Regarded Disgrace For The Sake Of Christ As Of Greater Value Than The Treasures Of Egypt, Because He Was Looking Ahead To His Reward.

In our pain and trials, we must look ahead to our time of glory in heaven. In our pain, we must assign our every motivation toward the will of God. We suffer many pains because we have chosen the way of Christ. We must not take an easy way or an easy out. Instead of taking an easy out, we must persist in doing the hard work of Christ. When we walk the narrow road of Christ, we will be mistreated. On the narrow road, we will suffer for our commitment to always follow Him. We will be tempted but not beyond our ability to resist and remain holy and godly in His sight. We are better when we are disgraced for Christ than when the world accepts us and loves us because we are living a life of sinfulness.

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