Sunday, September 18, 2011

1 John 3:22 And Receive From Him Anything We Ask, Because We Obey His Commands And Do What Pleases Him.

This verse stretches our faith, especially when we are in pain. Our faith is challenged in pain. We will, we absolutely, positively will receive anything we ask. The big question for us is "Can we wait?" In heaven, we will be inundated with MORE then we ask. However, before we get to heaven we must be patient while we are alive on the earth. Our faith transcends what we think is reality. Our faith transcends time and space. Our faith carries us over every mountain and obstacle in this life. Our faith makes all things possible, even making possible the power to receive from Christ anything we ask. However, we must be patient and persevering. We must soldier on minute by minute, hour by hour. We must come against drudgery, pain, suffering, and faith-killing influences from every side. When we persevere we will win out in our most incredible victory of life.

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