Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1 John 5:3 This Is Love For God: To Obey His Commands. And His Commands Are Not Burdensome,

Our pain is a burden. However, we have more than just our burden upon us. We have the power of the living God upon us. The power of the living God gives us strength and endurance not found in things or ideas of the world. The power of the living God enables us to carry our burden in a way to glorify God in every aspect of our life. God's commands do not command us to draw attention to ourselves or our plight. God's commands are grounded in love and humility. Becoming the love and humility Christ wants us to become, although difficult on the surface, are easy when we put our heart and soul into being His child. When our own temptations cry out for us to behave in mistaken ways, Christ commands us, even in our pain and suffering, to carry His cross no matter what we might be suffering at the moment.

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